About our school

Welcome to His Grace School

His Grace Nursery and Primary School is a growing citadel of learning that is keen about quality academic performance ,quality co-curricular activities and discipline of our pupils. This is a school committed to moulding and instructing future leaders right from inception (crèche) to primary level. The school is an institution with a vision, a mission and a goal..


We welcome you to His Grace Schools. His Grace Schools is committed to the pursuit of individual excellence with emphasis on discipline, leadership training, high academic standards, moral and ethical values based on Christian principles. The school was founded on the 15th of April, 1998 by a vision-driven educationist Mrs Alatise Janet Ayoola . We continue to operate a policy that has continued to entrench good academic standards and godly values.


The school started on the 15th of April, 1998 with eleven (11) pupils by Mrs Alatise Janet Ayoola. The school started because of her passion and vision to raise the ‘leaders of today’ for God through quality and godly education.

The school started in a rented apartment at Oke-Ela, Ilaro very close to Oronna High School before it moved to its permanent site in 2008. The permanent site is very attractive and conducive for learning. Modern teaching aids and instructional materials are also provided to aid learning.

Bring in your child/ward and you will be forever grateful you did.

VISION: Is to be a school of excellence where learners receive godly and balanced education.

OUR MISSION: Is to effectively prepare our learners for life (serving God and humanity)

OUR GOAL: To produce well-equipped and God-fearing leaders of tomorrow.


  • H - Honesty
  • I – Integrity
  • S – Self-reliance
  • G – Godliness


  • Sound and qualitative education
  • Seasoned , qualified and experienced teachers
  • Conducive environment for learning
  • Learning of French, Music and Computer